A Run Through the Woods

A piece of fiction by Catherine Kos

A Run Through the Woods

She runs through the woods; branches snatch at her hair, her breath coming in short pants. She hears the sounds of paws on the ground ahead of her, and she runs as fast as she can, trying to catch up. Branches cut into her, marking her skin red as she continues on, but she doesn’t even notice. She doesn’t feel anything other than the need for blood. She can hear the white hare running fast ahead as it’s predator hunts it. The urge for the hunt has kicked her into overdrive and she is moving at the speed of light, a blur to anyone who should glance in her direction. She follows as close as possible, and when they reach the clearing, which turns into a cliff, she slides to a stop. The small hare stands at the edge of it and she can smell the fear coming from it. It’s predator stands between the girl, and the hare, bowing its head, its dark brown fur standing up on end. She inches closer, and her foot lands on a twig, snapping it, making her presence known. The dark animal turns around. His yellow eyes gleam at her. His teeth are barred as he growls at her. Fear strikes clear through her gut.

“Wait,” She says to the wolf, sticking her hands out in front of her.

The wolf starts to inch closer, and she inches backward. She knows what is going to happen and she cannot stop it.

“Wait, I’m one of you,” she stammers, struggling to keep composure.

Desperate, she throws her arms out in front of her.

the wolf comes closer.

“I’m one of you!” She shouts. To the wolf. To herself. To the world.

The wolf pounces.

Her scream echoes through the woods.

The end.

An excerpt from ‘Belonging’.

Hope you enjoyed it! If you did, make sure to check out  Belonging

Happy Haunting!

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