I think for a moment

I forgot who I was

I wanted to be small



But as a big

Blonde women

That’s kind of hard

When everything about me is


Loud like when I walk down the hall

And the sound my thighs make with every step as they rub together

Loud like when I’m overthinking and you can hear my thoughts churning from a mile away

Loud like in a sea of brunettes and grey grannies my hair shines like the sun

Loud like when I’m so angry I feel like I might burst you can feel my anger coming off me in waves.

Loud like when I walk in to a room my chest claims everyone’s attention whether I want it to or not

These are not things that I wanted

Not what I asked for

And yet here I am

I was never meant to be small.



I was meant to be TALL and LOUD

And it’s about time I remember that.

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