In Belonging, we learned about who Rory Beaumont is as a person. She’s kind and caring, and even though she thinks she’ll never find love, she’s surprised to learn that is not true. Her mother and brother died when she was young, leaving her in the hands of her father – a cruel and power hungry-man.

In Becoming Rory’s path continues. She has to fight for those she loves but she does it without hesitation. She will not let anyone take her family from her, especially not that man that she calls her father. As she finally begins to let down her walls, and let those she loves in, loved ones from her past resurface. Only, Rory thought they were dead, and now she doesn’t know what is true and what is just lies. Confused and unsure, Rory struggles with coming to terms with what has happened in her past, and what she can see in her future. One thing she does know – she’s not going down without a fight.

Below is the Prologue and first chapter of Becoming. Check it out!

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No one knows what happens after we die. Not really.

Where we go. What we see. It’s all unknown. 

Obviously, we all have an idea of what might happen when our spiritual lights go out, but no one knows for sure. Maybe we are just suspended in a dark cold void, knowing that we are dead, and not able to do anything about it.

That’s not what my death is like.

My death is lonely and filled with agony.

I spend my time wandering through the woods, jumping at any sound, scared of my own shadow.

Every once in a while, I come across a house. I can never get inside, but I can see through the windows. Sometimes Ren is in there, as well as his mother, Raina. Each time I try to get in, I pound, scream, try to break the glass, run around to every door, every entry. Yet it always the same. I can never find a way in. 

Ren. Doren Blackheart. A son, a brother. A warrior. A true Alpha.

Ren is – was – my soul mate. We were cut from the same cloth, by the hands of the Moon Goddess. We were born into werewolf Packs that were based in different states of the United States, but somehow our stories were meant to intertwined, and we found each other. We never had a chance to really be together, with him being stubborn, and me being rebellious. 

And then, I died.

Died to protect him, and his sister, and his friends – the people who, in a short time, became my family. 

So, here I am. Stuck with Ren so close to me, and yet not being able to talk to him. To touch him. I just get to watch him and know that he is safe.

There was one moment, maybe months ago, maybe years ago, when Ren – this version of Ren – looked at me. 

“Come back to me,” he had said, and I tried like hell that day to get into the house. I even hopped onto the roof, trying to get in through the chimney. But it was sealed shut, and I ended up falling off and landing flat on my back.

Even in death, I can still feel pain.

Now, I sit outside the house, leaning against the trunk of a large weeping willow. I feel myself dozing off.

Sitting around and staring can get boring.

The day before last, I tried to get somewhere else. I scoured the woods, trying to find another house, anything, but all I could find were trees and more trees. So, now I sit. My eyes start to drift closed. 

Then, a sound echoes through the woods, making me sit up straight.

It’s the sound of a door creaking open. I look straight at the house, knowing there is no way that what I’m thinking is possible. But there, in front of me, the front door is open. And a figure walks out of the house. Raina pulls on her jacket, and looks behind her to smile at Ren, as he walks out of the house, closing the door behind him.

I scramble up off the ground, and nearly trip over a fallen branch in my haste to get to them. By the time I get close enough to them, they are already walking into the woods.

“Hey,” I call after them, clearly in shock. 

Neither of them showing any signs that they hear me or sense me.

Their speed seems to pick up, and suddenly they are farther ahead of me.

I pick up my own speed, and soon I’m jogging. 

“Hey!” I shout, desperate for them to turn or acknowledge me in any way. 

“HEY!” I scream this time, because now they are so far ahead that I can barely see them through the haze of trees and branches. I’m desperate for them to come back. To see me. 

But suddenly they’re gone. Almost as if they were never here. 

I drop to my knees in defeat, taking deep breaths, trying to hold in my screams of frustration. 

Suddenly, my head starts pounding, and my heart starts thudding faster and harder. I reach for my chest, trying to figure out a way to make this stop. I have one hand clenched over my heart, and the other rubbing my temple. I feel my body move, and I’m slowly drifting towards the ground.

If I just… if I just lie down for a moment. 

Just for a moment… 

I rest my head on the cold damp ground, and my eyes start to close. Soon, it’s just all black.

The end

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