Dear You.

This is a poem for you. Maybe it’s for you as well, and maybe you also. Or maybe it’s just for you. Whoever it’s for, I hope you understand and I hope you are well. – Catie

Dear you.

Dear you,

today I thought about you.

Some days it hurts,

but today it didn’t.

We haven’t talked in a while

and I don’t know if it’s your fault or mine.

I’ve lost track of whose winning this round.

I’m not saying that I forgive you,

because the wound still seems fresh most days,

and I’m not saying I’m sorry

because I’m still stubborn as hell.

But today,

I’m okay,

and I hope you are, too.

With love,


-Catherine Kos

2 responses to “Dear You.”

  1. I forgave him but am still too sturbon to call, and to be honest.. I am the one to be forgiven!

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    1. I feel the exact same way to be honest. But now that we’ve forgiven them we can move on!

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