Chap. 20-21, An Empty Grave

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I’m so excited about the next couple of chapters. We’re really getting to the action now. These two chapters were so fun to write and I really hope you enjoy reading them. Happy hunting!

Chapter Twenty


“I need to see the Aldinn,” I say to the bodyguard at the back of the club. He’s tall and bald with tons of tattoo’s that wrap around the back of his head, and go down his neck to under the black t-shirt he’s wearing. He is most definitely a vampire and he also happens to be guarding a door that I desperately want to get into.

This club was easy enough to find. The original club that the Aldinn had opened, the one that Duke, Hayden, and I went to a few weeks ago – that one is still open. I went there first, but this time there was no sign of any vampires. All the patrons, all the workers are all human. Then I started asking around. It seems the Aldinn has taken over a new building, basically trying to throw us off. And that is how I wound up here. The Aldinn isn’t supposed to be in town yet, but I heard from some vamps that he was here at this particular location. Now, I just have to get in to see him.

The guard doesn’t respond, barely even giving me a glance.

“I know he’s in there,” I continue. I don’t need to yell, considering that he’s a vampire, but I lean in and shout over the club music anyways.

If he’s back, then he’s preparing, and that’s not good for me. That means that sooner I find him, the better.

“Get him out here or I’m going around and telling everyone what’s really happening in the back room.”

Now, the man turns to me fully and smirks, but again doesn’t say anything. Seconds go by.

He reaches behind him and pushes the door open. I smirk as I step past him and through the door.

The hallway is dark and quiet, with two doors on both sides, and one all the way down at the end. The second doorway on the left swings open and I step up to it, peering inside.

It’s dark, with only one light in the right corner, and the Aldinn in the center, wiping at his mouth with a cloth. The light hits his back, shadowing his front. His eyes are luminescent, glowing bright against the darkness.

“What do you want, Chase?” The Aldinn asks. He sounds irate, but his face remains neutral as he examines the cloth in his hands.

“I need to change our deal,” I say, stepping into the room. “I can’t do it.”

He drops his hand, and raises his eyes to me. His face gives away nothing but his eyes… there’s a storm behind them as they almost fade to a complete black. I’ve never seen them do that before, but I also don’t think I’ve ever seen him this enraged before.

“Let me get this straight,” he says, taking a step closer. “You come to my club, threaten my bouncers, and then tell me that you need to renege on our deal?”

He takes another step.

“Do I need to remind you what I did for you? What I gave you?”

“I know,” I say in a rush, “But – ”

He shakes his head sharply, and suddenly, his hand is around my throat, gripping tightly.

“Apparently, you don’t,” he responds, tightening his grasp. I choke trying to inhale. My throat begins to burn.

“You have a week and a half and then I come to collect. And if you are not there when the time comes, I will make sure that Bianca is dead for good this time, along with everyone else you love.”

He releases me and shoves me back in the same second. I fall against two vampires who are suddenly standing in the doorway.

“Take him outside, and give him a little taste of what his life will be like once I collect my end of the deal.”

The vampires who now hold me, nod to the Aldinn’s request.

“Oh,” he says, making them stop again. “Make sure he doesn’t leave without blood being shed.”

The vampires drag me down to the door at the end of the hallway. One opens the door and the other shoves me outside. I stumble into the alley, but don’t fall. I turn around, cracking my neck preparing for a fight.

The vamps look at each other and then at me with wide grins on their faces.

“This is going to be fun,” the one on the right says, cracking his nuckles.

“Bring it,” I say, motioning them forward.

Chapter Twenty – One


“You’re all coming in?” Hayden asks as we all start to open our doors.

Duke and Remi keep moving in the front of the car, closing their doors and walking up towards Haven. I look at Hayden across the inside of the car.

“Deklan wants to speak to us,” I tell her.

A frown spreads across her lips, but we both step out of the vehicle, closing our doors behind us.

“Where is Lily now?” I ask, as we enter Haven and head to the elevators where Duke and Remi are waiting for us.

“She’s upstairs in our room. I didn’t want her around him. Don’t get me wrong, she knows that right now Luke is very dangerous. She just… it’s her twin. She misses him.”

I nod, understanding that.

The elevator doors close once we’re all inside, and Duke hits the button for the top floor. Within a minute the doors are opening again, and we’re stepping out.

Deklan and Damen are already in the center of the room waiting for us.

Deklan’s eyes each of us, taking us all in, assessing us to make sure no permanent damage has been done.

“So, does someone want to explain to me what exactly happened tonight?”

I look to Hayden, but her hands wring together like she’s nervous so I clear my throat and speak.

“Hayden came to me this morning, because she wanted back up.”

“Why?” Deklan asks, raising an eyebrow at the girl in question.

I nod to Hayden. She takes a deep breath, and begins to talk.

“Did you recognize any of the vampires?” Deklan asks me, once Hayden is done talking.

I shake my head. “None of them got close enough beside her brother. And I’ve never seen him before. When we saw all of them, I called Duke for help. There were too many of them.”

Deklan nods. “Good. Good thinking. I’m very glad that you had him follow you. We’ll send out patrols tomorrow night, and for the next couple of nights just in case.” Deklan looks at Damen. “Think you can send some of your men down to that area tonight? See what they can find?”

Damen nods. “For sure.” He steps away, pulling his phone from his pocket.

Turning back to us, Deklan says, “You all did good tonight.” Then his eyes focus on me. “I think there was a time when you would have done the complete opposite of what you did tonight. I’m glad to see you growing.”

I look away, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

“As for you, Hayden, I think it is time that you and your sister pack your bags.”

My head snaps to Hayden. Her jaw’s dropped, eyes wide. She looks terrified as she stares at Deklan. I follow her gaze.

“What? Why?” I ask, crossing my arms and stepping up to Deklan. His eyes widen in surprise, and yeah, even I’m surprised that I’m defending Hayden, but this time I feel it’s deserved.

“Because she’s lied to us. Again.” He looks behind me to Hayden. “I told you that you had one more chance, and you just blew it.”

“But – ” Hayden seems to be at a loss for words.

“She didn’t lie,” I insist. “I mean, yeah she held back some of the truth, but in the end when she needed help she came to me. She didn’t go to handle it on her own, she came and told me the truth. Doesn’t that mean something? She turned her back on her own brother for crying out loud.”

Deklan watches me for a moment, his gaze hard. I hold his stare, unflinching.

“You trust her?” He asks.

I look at Hayden, thinking about that answer. I mean, yeah, I didn’t. I didn’t know if I was walking into a trap tonight or if she was being honest and actually needed my help. And I literally told her half an hour ago that I didn’t trust anyone, but the truth is deep down I do. After tonight, I do. After she helped with the whole possession thing, she’s proven that she is trustworthy. That she wants to be here. That she does need our help.

With all of this in mind, I look back to Deklan with confidence and say, “Yeah, I do.”

Deklan looks from me to Hayden, obviously frustrated. “Fine. She may trust you but I don’t. You have until graduation and then you’re out of here.”

It’s clearly not the answer that Hayden wanted, but it’s way better than what he could have said.

Hayden nods. “Understood.”

She doesn’t look at anyone as she turns away, walking back to the elevator.

“Want a ride home?” Duke asks.

I nod. “Give me a minute, though, let me talk to Hayden.”

I follow after her, getting onto the elevator with her. Once the doors close, I say, “Don’t worry about him. Maybe we can change his mind before Graduation.”

Hayden frowns, leaning back against the wall with her eyes on the ceiling.

“Graduation’s in a week and a half. You really think we’re going to have enough time to change his mind? I don’t.” She let’s out a sigh. “What am I going to tell my sister?”

“Maybe don’t tell her anything,” I say.

She looks at me.

“Wait until you figure out what you’re going to do. Go to her with a plan.”

Hayden nods. “Thanks. For sticking up for me. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know. But everyone deserves a break, ya know?”

The doors open and Hayden steps onto her floor. She looks back, holding the doors open.

“Are you and Chase okay?” She asks.

“Right now there isn’t a me and Chase,” I tell her with a shrug.

“You don’t seem like much of a talker, but I’m here for you if you do need to talk.”

This makes me chuckle. “Thanks,” I say.

She smiles and then steps into the hallway, and the elevator doors slide closed. I press the button for the ground floor, and the elevator starts its descent.

I wait by Duke’s truck, leaning against the door.

I pull out my phone, hoping there’s a message from Chase, but there’s nothing as I look at the screen. I think about calling him. I even pull up his contact info, my thumb hovering over the call button.

“Hey, ready to go?” Duke asks, his voice coming out of nowhere and making me jump.

“Yeah,”I say, turning the screen off and shoving the phone into my pocket. “Just waiting for you.”

“Alright, let’s go,” he says, unlocking the car.

“You good?” Remi asks as she approaches the passenger door.

I nod. “Always.”

The end, for now

I hope you like these chapters. What do you think is going to happen next? Spoiler: the next chapter is going to include a big party! Hope you can make it. ; )

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