First, I just want to say I’m sorry that I haven’t posted. It’s been a busy time, and I’m trying to get a lot of projects done at once.

Speaking of projects, I’ve decided to post a piece from a story that I’ve been working on. This novel was a new experience for me. I’ve had a hard time with it, not knowing where it’s going to go or what’s going to happen. It’s also a romance book. While my others have been fantasy&romance, this is purely a romance book, which is a new platform for me entirely. Yet, while I was editing the book this weekend, I came across this scene and wanted to share it with you and find out what you think.

Here we go…

It’s a quiet tense ride, and I don’t know if I’m glad or just the opposite. Mason puts the car in park and for a moment, neither of us say anything.

Are you going to tell me?” I ask, staring out the windshield.

Tell you what?” He asks, his voice low and quiet. I feel him glance at me, but I don’t turn towards him.

Are you going to tell me when you decide to end this? Or are you just going to drop me off at my dorm and never look back?”

He’s quiet.

The air in the car is suddenly suffocating, but I can’t seem to move. I stare at the handle on the door, willing myself to grab the handle. But I don’t.


I scoff, because I don’t need to hear this nor do I want to.

Tell me, would you rather just be left by the person you care about or do you want them to tell you first?

Would you rather know about the crash before it happens?

Before it tears your world apart?

I’m not sure which I want, so I start to climb out of the car.

“June,” he says again, as my hand grasps the door handle. I freeze.

I fight it – I swear I try too – the hold he has over me. I stare at the front door of the dorm in front of us. It’s like a beacon of hope. If I get there, to safety, everything will be okay.

It’s his touch that does it. A soft dusting of his fingers over the back of my left hand. It’s feather light, gentle – something I’ve never seen him do.

Slowly, I turn my head to him, trying to calm the storm of emotions growing inside of me. The hurricane fighting it’s way to my eyes.

He’s facing me with an unreadable expression on his face. It softens when his eyes meet mine. At a snail’s pace of his own, he creeps forward, pressing his lips against mine. Again, its gentle, more than I ever thought he was capable of.

I respond to it, kissing him back, but I don’t let myself melt into it out of fear of what he is going to say once he pulls away. It only lasts a few seconds, and when he pulls away, it’s only a few inches.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow,” he says, giving me a small smile.

I lean back, distancing us more. “What?”

“Camping tomorrow, remember?”

I give a shake of my head. “What – are you sure that’s the best idea?”

He nods. “Nothing will happen while we’re away.”

“I – ”

“Don’t over think it. I’ll be here tomorrow at two.”

I hesitate, not sure which move to make. I can’t act calm and confident, not when I’m sure he’s about to leave me in the dust. But, his smile is steady and easy like I have no reason to doubt anything he says.

“June,” he says again, pulling my attention back to his eyes. “We’re good.”

The words don’t have the effect he probably thinks they should, but I nod while taking a deep breath.

“Tomorrow then,” I tell him, forcing a smile onto my face.

He nods. “Tomorrow.”

The end,

Thanks for reading!

I’ll be posting new chapters for An Empty Grave this Sunday!

One response to “Excerpt.”

  1. I’m not sure where this scene plays out in the story, but I’d like to know more about the couple. I think that is the point, for readers to feel their happiness and sadness.

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