The Red House

I’ve decided to take a mini hiatus from An Empty Grave, but I will be back with it as soon as possible. In the meantime I will be posting more short stories and poems, and here is one to start if off.

Happy Reading!

-Catherine Kos

The Red House

there once was blue house at the end of the street

and then a family moved in.

there was a mother,

a father,

and three loud children

who all grew and grew

into something different.

the mother carried the groceries

and the father worked to the bone,

and they all screamed late into the night.

louder and louder

their voices got.

Angrier and angrier,

they grew.

slowly, the siding of the blue house

chipped away.

First it was little cracks,

but the angrier they got,

the more the blue chipped

until there was no longer a blue house

but a red one,

painted bright with rage

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