How I Died

A Piece of flash fiction by Catherine Kos

How I Died

Everyone always said that I was the life of the party.

I, along with everyone else, always thought that I would live forever. Well at least far well into my sixties.

‘She’s young and spirited with a soul that will last forever’, my mother always used to say.

Maybe she was right that my soul would last forever.

I, on the other hand, would not.

Yeah, sure, I went to parties. After all, I was the life of the party!

But, I guess some could say I had a little too much fun. I never thought about the consequences of anything. I just lived in the moment. And I believe that’s what got me killed. One night my best friend and I were at a party. It was a huge rager. People everywhere. We made it till two am before someone shouted that the cops were on their way. The appropriate thing to do was to wait there or walk home. But no, I was so drunk, I was seeing double. The only thing I could think of was that I didn’t want my mother to find out what I was doing. So my best friend and I ran to her boyfriends truck. He was also drunk.

We pulled out of the driveway and took to the back roads of our small little town. At one point I rolled down the window, and pulled my upper body out. I held on to the door while the others laughed on. The wind blew threw my hair and howled in my ears; I loved every second of it. I was so focused on the feeling that I barely heard the sound of the train. When I turned my head towards the truck and looked past it, I saw the flashing lights. The train was running fast on the track that we would cross in about five hundred feet. I kicked my feet, and screamed into the truck but they didn’t hear me. I tried to crawl back in, but my body was blocked. I slammed on the top of the truck but it didn’t work. Her boyfriend must’ve have heard me at some point because I could feel the truck as he began to slow. I silently thanked the lord I didn’t believe in.

The truck came to a complete stop as I watched the train pass.

“You okay?” My best friend asked with a smile on her face.

I hopped out of the truck and shook out my jitters.

“Yeah, I just thought you didn’t see-“

A car hit me. Distantly I heard a scream, and the squealing of tires and then I heard nothing at all. I was just gone.

The end.

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