Sunshine, mixed with a little hurricane

I am not one thing. I am not just happy, nor am I just sad. I’m both of those things and everything in between. It’s hard to explain sometimes when some days I feel nothing and other days I feel everything. I feel all my emotions swirling around me like it’s a gamble on what I’ll feel. What will I feel strongest? Is it a dark and cloudy day, where my temper resembles that of thunder? Or is it bright and shiny, a smile plastered to my face?

Sunshine and hurricane

I am both sunshine and rain

Some days,

I shine bright

brighter than ever before

feeling tall, brave, strong

Other days I am the rain.

A harsh hurricane

blowing things over as I storm

angry winds moving me back and forth

waiting to be swallowed whole

by the emotions swirling around me

Some days move fast

the sun rising

and taking me with it

and then falling

with the promise of another day

Some days are longer

minutes dragging into hours

that don’t seem to end

the emotions rising,

filling me to the brim

as I try to wait out the storm

Some days I am the sunshine

Some days I am the hurricane

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