Lets play a game

Here’s to the long nights of staring at the ceiling, praying for your mind to shut off, to just fall asleep. Here’s to the countless hours spent waiting for… anything. Anything but chasing a rabbit through the dark, endless corners of your mind.

We’ve all been there. And we’ll all get through it.

Let’s play a game

‘Let’s play a game,’

Judy says,

In the middle of the night

when I’m the only one awake

and I’m past the point of exhaustion.

‘Let’s play a game.

The rules:

Only we can play,

And you most likely won’t have any fun.

So, I’ll ask a hard question and

you see if you can answer it,’

Judy says.

I keep my eyes on the ceiling,

ignoring her.

She starts anyways.

‘What are you most scared of?’

Whew, she’s starting off easy, huh?

When I ignore her,

She continues,

drilling me with questions.

‘What happens if this goes wrong?’

‘What if they get sick?’

‘What if they don’t reply?’

‘How about you just think

about all the things that could go wrong.’

I ignore her like it’s my mission in life,

I stare at the ceiling like

it’s painting me a picture,

until i can’t help

but think about her questions

And answer them in my head.

And then she wins.

She smirks,

from her spot in the corner,

knowing full well what I’m thinking,

while I stay wide awake,

until the sun starts to rise,

and my head pounds from the lack of sleep.

Today, Judy: 1 Me:0

I get up to start my day,

knowing Judy will be there,

waiting right where I left her,

ready for the next round.

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