Wishing You a Happy New Year

Happy New Years Eve.

I have a lot of reasons to be sad. And angry. And anxious. Along with many other negative emotions. But a friend once told me, we wouldn’t be anxious if we didn’t have things to lose. And I think about that tonight, on the eve of the new year. I think most can agree that 2021 was shitty. And yes, I’ve seen the posts saying ‘we’re not going into 2022 with hope, don’t want to jinx anything’. So this isn’t a post about hope, or what I aspire to be in the new year. There will be no ‘New year, New me’. No, ‘I’m gonna be the same bitch I’ve always been’ (I totally posted that on fb once). Instead, I’m choosing to go to bed and wake up on the first of the new year, grateful. Grateful because even though I have all these reason to be sad, angry, anxious, I also have so many more reasons to be happy. To be content. So, think of this as a love letter. To myself, for fighting every single dark thought that’s gone across my mind this year. To my friends, new and old, because no matter, you mean a lot to me. You wouldn’t be in my life if you didn’t. To those struggling because life is a fucking fight, no matter what, even on the good days. Take this moment, to tell the people in your life you care about them. Take this day to remember all the good from the past year. Think about that one beautiful moment, because, trust me, it outweighs all of the bad.

So basically this is me, raising a glance to you. Because I appreciate you and I wish you all the best in the new year. Thank you for being you. 

Happy new year!

With love,


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