Afraid Of the Dark

It’s been a while since I rolled over in the middle of the night, on the verge of a very deep sleep, to write quickly write a thought that came into my head. But the other night, I did just that to write the beginning of this poem. It was nice. Kind of like I was coming back into my old self again. Well, hello old friend.

Afraid of the Dark

I got used to it.

The silence.

The quiet echoless void

that followed the leaving

they all seemed to do.

I was so used to it

that I welcomed it.

Embraced it,

like an old friend.

Because here,

in the dark and silence,

the only person who could hurt me

was me.

But then they came.

It started with her.

She, who taught me,

to embrace the change.

Welcome the love,

rather than run from it.

She opened the door,

and slowly

more filtered in.

But now,

I fear the silence.

The thick, heavy, unbearable quiet,

that would no doubt,

follow their departure.

Because they are,

lights in the dark,

a dark I’ve begun to fear.

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