A girl i Used To Know

This is to the people we used to be and the people we haven’t met yet.

A Girl I Used to Know

there was a girl I used to know

she was silly

and strange

a child growing into herself

who trusted too easy

and saw kindness in everyone

the girl I met next was jaded

had learned that not everyone was kind

was taught the hard way

that she was better off keeping to herself

but she still had hope

of better days

after her

there was a girl

she was beautiful, kind

and completely cold

resistant to change

refused to open up

the hope had fizzled 

replaced with a sadness 

that was hard to overcome 

and then there was my favorite girl

she was confident and strong

refusing to change for anyone

but she had let people in

had changed for the better 

the girl I see today is a shadow

trying to find itself

strong, and silent

cautious yet hopeful 

confident yet insecure 

she’s learning to embrace the change

to know the difference between

letting someone in

and giving yourself away

she’s always changing



and I look forward 

to the girl I meet next

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