Third Time’s the Charm

Third Time’s the Charm

Hello, he said

Hi she replied. 


Damn near instantaneous. 

And she was happy for a moment.

She was hurt before, 

But it wasn’t intentional. 

And it had cut deep

But she lied,

Telling everyone she was fine.

She played the fool well.

Hello, he said.

This time,

She answered, 

But hesitation was her name

And she embodied it fully.

With leaden steps,

She approached

Quickly erasing all the hard work,

Knocking down the thick wall

She had built between them,

Until there was nothing left but rubble.

Because this time was different.

This time, He said said those magic words

And she really thought he meant it.




This time he’s left unanswered. 

His voice echoing through

The thread of communication 

Only to be met with complete silence.

Stiffening, cold silence. 

Because she’s been the fool.

Too many times. 

And she still is, frankly.

But she won’t be fooled by him.

She’s hardened her heart.

And sealed her mind

so he can’t seep in.


He calls out weakly.

But she has nothing left to say.

The silence speaks for itself. 

It’s an answer all on its own. 

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