I love you

This is a poem I’ve posted before – a few years ago – but it’s one I completely forgot about, until now. And, it’s important now more than ever, because the girl who wrote this… I don’t think she believed what she wrote. And to be completely honest, I’m not sure if the person I am now believes it either, but I’m determined to.

So, please, enjoy this reused and updated poem while I work on some new and brighter things. Here’s to better days. 🙂

I love you

I love you. 

You, in all of your imperfections

and all of the weight that you carry around

You, with all of the burning rage

and deep wounding sorrow

You, with the lovely rare smiles

and those deep belly aching laughs

You, with the love so deeply

and the fear so strong it makes you sick

You with the thick armor,

and your heart bared on your sleeve

You with the quick wit,

and the even quicker anger

You, with all those worries that make you wonder

why anyone could ever love you

You, my darling, you

are your own rare form of beautiful

and my favorite creation

You are everything.

And I hope that one day you see it too.

But for now,

I love you.

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