Searching for the Sun

Sometimes we just need a reminder of who we are and what we’re looking for.

Searching for the Sun

It was a calamity.

A disastrous affair.

The kind that left me 

stumbling through the dark, cold, rainy night

with an aching in my chest. 

I staggered, crumbling to the ground.

One knee landed in the slick mud,

tears poured down my cheeks, 

as I searched for something,

for her. 

That was the real tragedy. 

That I had let my shine seep away,

In order to make someone else brighter. 

And that made me disgusted with myself. 

It was not something I could entertain any longer. 

So trembling, and weary,

I rose from the mud, covered in thorns.

I was not some fragile art piece.

There was no fear of breaking.

But I was the jagged wounds and scars of a fighter. 

I was not the type who just survived – I flourished. 

Never mind a little rain, when that is how I grow.

With born determination, I continued on. 

I went in search of the sun. 

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