I Knew It

Do you have this feeling? Like you’re waiting for something. Trepidation. You know that something’s going to happen – it’s running like a train on its tracks and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You just have to sit and wait. Prepare.

I Knew It

There had been lead in my belly. 

A feeling rooted in there, 

telling me what I didn’t want to know.

What I already knew. 

That this was it.

I wasn’t scared. 

I wasn’t sad or angry

I was numb. 

There was nothing left to feel

because everything before 

had been leading me to this moment.

The first, 

had brought hurt and rejection.

The second, 

brought anger and defiance.

And the third, 

brought only dismay.

And now we’re here,

worlds apart.

The message thread deserted.

And when I think of you, 

only one feeling remains.


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