It Rots

When you decide to let someone into your life, a connection forms. And sometimes that connection gets severed and all that you have left is memories of what was.

Cutting that connection can be hard. Sometimes you know that someone is bad for you but you want them in your life anyways. Or you know you’re not compatible, but you still hope it would work out. Maybe, someone takes a path that different from yours and suddenly your worlds away, with no recollection of how you got there.

But will all of that, comes a moment, where you know it’s time to let go. You realize that it doesn’t matter how much you love or care about them, because if they don’t want to be in your life you can’t make them stay. You can’t force someone to love you.

And if the relationship doesn’t grow – it rots.

It Rots

I once stood at this bridge, 

with a match in my hand and you at my side,

begging me to put the fire out.

To not burn the bridges that I had built,

to put my faith in those on the other side. 

Now, I’ve traded that match for a shovel.

Ready to bury all the things that no longer mean

a damned thing.

Everything pertaining to you.

While that bridge is now cemented,

I’ve wrapped our memories in a ratty old blanket.

One that represents our friendship.

Weak and filled with holes, 

dirty and used like someone’s unwanted toy.

Once it’s all gone and buried, 

I sprinkle your apologies, like seeds in a garden.

Except, I have no hope that they’ll grow. 

You can’t grow flowers from nothing. 

From empty words that hold no weight or meaning. 

Without another glance, 

I move as far as I can.

Searching for enriched soil, 

somewhere to spread my roots.

A place far, far away from the shallow grave 

because if something doesn’t grow, 

it rots. 

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