The Huntress and the Hound

Bianca Monroe lives with her foster family in the outskirts of Chicago. Whenever she can, she walks the streets of Chicago hunting the undead. She has skill and strength, and can take on fifteen vampires at once. When four girls are kidnapped, she makes it her mission to find them, while finding out about herself along the way. Her parents died four years ago, but they were hiding something. The events leading up to their deaths don’t add up. Were they hiding something from her? While she is on the hunt for vampires, she finds out the truth about her heritage, and destiny.


Them Summers Boys

A Short Story

Maggie Murdock works with her parents at the summer camp they own. This summer they are getting a surprise. The Summers Boys! They are two brothers who are really popular in the music world. Especially with teenage girls. Josh and Jon Summers. Josh also happens to be the love of Maggie’s life that left her a few years ago to pursue music. He left her behind without a word, breaking her heart. Now, he’s come back to win her heart once again, but she has no intention of letting that happen.



A Novel

Growing up with a cruel Alpha of a father, in a pack full of angry werewolves, Rory Beaumont taught herself to be tough, and untrusting of anyone. When her father tells her that she is leaving home to go marry another Alpha’s son, she has to be smart, cautious, and resilient. A ‘mate’ is a werewolf’s soul mate. As a child Rory thought it was something to believe in. As a twenty year old, she was convinced it was just a fairy tale, and that she would never find her mate. When she does, her whole life, everything she new gets turned upside down. Especially, when he tells her he doesn’t want her.



A Novel

Her fights with her father were just battles. Now it’s time for the war. Rory Beaumont has finally found her place in the world, her forever family. She will not let anyone take that from her, especially not the man she calls her father. As she finally begins to let down her walls, and let those she loves in, loved ones from her past resurface. Only, Rory thought they were dead, and now she doesn’t know what is true and what is just lies. Confused and unsure, Rory struggles with coming to terms with what has happened in her past, and what she can see in her future. One thing she does know – she’s not going down without a fight.


A Novel

Rory’s been kidnapped, tortured, and lied to. Now, she’s going to get her revenge. Aroura Beaumont is set to marry her mate in just a few days. Beyond that, she only has one goal in mind – to find Marcus Beaumont and give him all that he deserves. But no plan happens completely as expected.

This is the third and final book in the Belonging Series