Let’s get this seance started.

My name is Catherine Kos. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. What once started as a cheesy little love story I wrote in journals as a young teen turned into an array of novels, shorts, and poems. I don’t have just one genre. Though my first novels are paranormal/ scifi romances, my newest novel is a young adult romance about a girl going to college and trying to break the generational ties of her parents. My shorts and poems range from just feeling alot of feelings, to family affairs, and finding your own hand picked family.

I’m the type of girls who either feels too much or nothing at all and lately, I’ve been trying very hard to find an inbetween. I have a lot of sisters and brothers in my circle, people that I love and cherish very dearly. I have a cat and a dog, but I also have a long list of animals in my heart, though there are two many to count. But Bella will always have my heart.

If you read this completely, I appreciate you. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. My email is listed below, and my social links are on the bottom of the home page.

email: catherinekosauthor@gmail.com

As always, stay rad and happy reading!

With love,

Catherine Kos

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