Let’s get this seance started.

First, I want to say – this blog isn’t about me. I could write a lengthy paragraph about what I love to do, and watch and read, etc. but this blog isn’t about me. It’s about my work. About my stories and my characters that I’ve spent so long creating.I like to think that there is a little for everyone here. Some moody poetry, some laughable stories – though I’ll leave the definition of laughable up to you. There’s also some photography  – the photo’s in the photo section are all pictures that I have taken myself, but the photos attached to the stories aren’t mine.For those who don’t know, the current project on this blog is An Empty Grave. It is a novel that I am currently writing. I’m adding chapters every two weeks. An Empty Grave is the sequel to The Huntress and the Hound, a novel I wrote three years ago.If you just want to leave this page and never come back, thanks for coming this far and adios. 

If you have any thoughts or questions you can comment or email me at

Thanks for visiting. Stay rad.

Catherine Kos 

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