I have never considered myself a poet but lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone.

Poems for my mother

In honor of my mothers birthday here are two poems that I wrote for her. Untitled I really lucked out with you. Out of all the flowers in the garden, you are the one that gave me life. A note to my mother If I should die before I wake know that I love you […]

Beating a Dead Horse

I expect that we’re all familiar with this saying. ’Beating a dead horse.’ When you dredge up a situation over and over again, even after it’s long dead, but it’s like you can’t stop. You just can’t stop talking about it. Even as you speak, you can feel yourself being annoying and yet, you just. can’t. stop. Until now. This is the last one for you. I’m finally burying this horse.…

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I really lucked out with you. Out of all the flowers in the garden, You’re the one that gave me life. A poem by Catherine Kos.

I need space

I need space she said, and that is what he tried to give her. I saw this picture on a shirt once, and this is what came to mind. I don’t think it’s a poem, but I don’t think it’s a short story either. So, here you are. I need space I need space I […]

Project Name

For you

Have you ever had something you wanted to say to someone but you can’t? Whether you can’t reach them or you just can’t stomach the thought of reaching out to them? Well, that’s what this poem is about, ’cause I have a lot to say but I can’t quite reach you. For you. I wrote […]

Better Days are Coming

Because everyone needs a reminder sometimes. And in case you didn’t know – better days are coming. Better Days are Coming Better days are coming, they said, but can I trust […]

I love you

This is a poem I’ve posted before – a few years ago – but it’s one I completely forgot about, until now. And, it’s important now more than ever, because the girl who […]

Afraid Of the Dark

It’s been a while since I rolled over in the middle of the night, on the verge of a very deep sleep, to write quickly write a thought that came into my head. But […]

Better days are coming

Better Days are Coming Better days are coming, they said But can I trust them? How do they know? How can they be sure? Better days are coming, she said offering […]


I found this poem that I had written awhile ago, and after a week full of anxiety attacks, I thought it was fitting to share it. Below is my poem, Lost. Lost Today…

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I am

Hello there! I hope you all have had a great weekend. Here’s a small poem. Hope you enjoy. Happy reading. Stay rad, Catie I am. over time, i have learned that i am…

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You taught me how to cover lies with pretty words. You’ve created a monster, and now no one is safe. Not even myself.

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Here’s a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s been a bit since I’ve written poems, but I hope you like it. Family Cursed is the name we share More…

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Here is a poem I wrote awhile ago. I think about it sometimes and what loyalty means to me. How does someone prove their loyalty? Is it being a good friend or…

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Mothers Day

For all the mothers out there: those who have children with two legs or four, those who have done the work of both mother and father, those who have cherished their children from day…

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Bubbly He called me bubbly, like a bottle of champagne he desperately wanted to drink and drink he did, chugging the contents until the bottle was empty and the bubbles […]

Lets play a game

Here’s to the long nights of staring at the ceiling, praying for your mind to shut off, to just fall asleep. Here’s to the countless hours […]

Generation of Liars

A new week, a new poem. Generation of Liars No one ever told me The appropriate response For when someone says “Bad day, huh?” Dare I be honest, And say, “Bad day, […]

A New Poem

Sorry, I haven’t been posting as much. As for most of the world, the last year has been rough. I have had a bad case of writer’s block. Like, I went months without writing and…

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The Red House

I’ve decided to take a mini hiatus from An Empty Grave, but I will be back with it as soon as possible. In the meantime I will be posting more short stories and…

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Dear You.

This is a poem for you. Maybe it’s for you as well, and maybe you also. Or maybe it’s just for you. Whoever it’s for, I hope you understand and I hope…

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A Poem. Cursed. Cursed is the girl who wishes to weep for wanting to cry when you are sad is one thing, but to be sad all the…

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LOUD I think for a moment I forgot who I was I wanted to be small Unnoticeable Invisible But as a big Blonde women That’s kind of hard When everything…

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