Have you ever had someone in your life that was like a magnet?

The kind of person that just pulls people in?

Everyone wants to know them, talk to them, love them.

My brother is like that in my life. He has this huge pull about him, that just makes people gravitate towards him. People always want to talk to him, talk about him.

He’s a kind and caring person, that kind that everyone deserves to know.

I remember this time – it was after an argument that I had with my mother. I was lying in bed with my covers over my head, like the moody teenager that I often was, and my brother came into my room. He had just come home from work or school – I don’t remember, but he has stopped in my room to say hi. He ripped the covers off of my head, sat down next to me, and in the gentlest tone I had ever heard him use, asked “What’s wrong?”


this is a poem about the entity that is my brother.

Happy reading. Stay rad.



He is a fire that burned bright

Not his light

Not his soul


When he laughs,

he lights up the room.

The sound of his laughter,

echoing of the walls,

his happiness seeping through our bones.

When he was angry,

He lit up like a Christmas tree.

The sound resonating deep within us,

the tremble filling our bones.

When he cried,

Our hearts set with despair,

wanting to harm those,

who had caused him to hurt.

He burned us with his touch,

Yet he was the one to ease the hurt.

He is the sunshine.

He is the rain.

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